Trump effect: Food stamp usage lowest in a decade after two years of POTUS economy

(National SentinelWinning: The number of Americans on supplemental food assistance fell dramatically during POTUS Donald Trump’s first two years in office and is now at its lower level since 2009.

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According to Department of Agriculture which manages the food benefits, 38,845,997 Americans participated in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) as of the end of July. That’s the lowest number since 38,184,306 people were on SNAP in 2009, Breitbart reported.

Moreover, the total number of households on SNAP fell below 20 million to 19.5 million, the lowest since 2010.

The data show that some 3.3 million Americans have fallen off food assistance rolls since February 2017. The president was inaugurated the previous month.

Over the summer, POTUS attempted to insert stronger work requirements in this year’s farm spending bill. The measure received support in the House.

“We see this Farm Bill as pivotal for building a sturdier ladder of opportunity in America,” outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan said in a release. “With all this momentum in our economy, there could not be a better time to help more people move from welfare to work. This is a chance to close the skills gap, better equip our workforce, and support much-needed development in rural communities.”

But it could not get enough support in the finicky Senate, where many of the RINOs there are no longer around.

Nevertheless, The Western Journal notes, many states are moving forward with their own work requirement rules.

Reform advocates say SNAP figures should be lower and that they would be if more work requirements were imposed.

“We have almost seven million open jobs across America,” said Foundation for Government Accountability executive director Kristina Rasmussen, according to Fox News. “Employers are struggling to find workers. Yet we have people sitting on sidelines in part, because they can — on food stamps.”

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