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As you may recall, one of Donald Trump’s campaign promises was to eliminate the federal Department of Education. And Eric Thompson from The Deplorables is now calling on him to keep that promise, warning that the longer our education system is controlled from the top down in D.C., the more potentially irreparable damage it’s going to inflict on future generations.

During a recent episode of his program, which airs at, Thompson explains how the Department of Education is not only unspeakably wasteful and ineffective, but also incredibly damaging to the minds of our youth, who are being taught absolute garbage in accordance with federal mandates.

He also discusses how untold billions of tax dollars are being poured into the nation’s failing public schools with no accountability. Interestingly enough, some of the most well-funded districts are some of the worst performers, which just goes to show that throwing cash at the problem isn’t a viable solution to the problem.

“Money isn’t going to fix education because the bureaucracy just blows it, eats it up, chews it out, just wastes it,” Thompson states. “There’s nothing in our Declaration of Independence or in our Constitution that guarantees equal outcomes in your life.”

Common core, gender perversion, and social justice insanity all stem from Department of Education

Because it contains the word “education” in its name, many uninformed people, primarily liberals, are outraged that anyone would suggest eliminating this federal department. But as Thompson explains, it’s hardly about education anyway, the focus being primarily around indoctrination and brainwashing, much like the education system that existed in Nazi Germany.

“Education needs to get out of D.C. and out of the bureaucracy, and needs to come back to local school districts,” says Thompson. “We don’t need schools to be teaching sex education. We don’t need schools to be teaching gender fluidity, white privilege is bad, that minorities are owed. We don’t need this social justice warrior mentality that was really bad under the Obama administration.”

Besides all of this, trying to control education from Washington just isn’t working.

“It’s expensive. It’s wasteful. It’s producing not very good grades, especially in elementary, junior high, and high school,” Thompson says.

America’s founders never intended for government to control education

The call to bring education back to local communities and out of Washington, D.C., isn’t really all that revolutionary, considering this is how things were before 1979. Public school systems would still be run by local governments, which in and of itself seems to step outside the bounds of what our Founding Fathers provisioned in our Constitution.

It would, however, dramatically scale back the level of control and influence that the “deep state” maintains over the minds of our nation’s youth, which could help to change the tide of thinking in this country back towards liberty, individual responsibility, and basic morality – all things that have been under assault for at least the past four decades.

“How did we go from farms and small schools, like Little House on the Prairie, with older students teaching younger ones when teachers weren’t available – how did we go from that to this structured school system?” Thompson asks, offering up a video clip during his program that explains the decline of American education throughout the centuries.

You can watch this eye-opening clip starting at 12:40 in Thompson’s video, available at

“When socialists, Marxists, when people get involved in our country, they bring in ideas that are not American,” Thompson contends. “There are a lot of things in the school systems that are just not working … I just don’t see that it can work for us, and it hasn’t been working for us.”

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