REVELATION Movie exclusive full-length viewing for the next 9 days – must see

Thanks to an arrangement with the film producers, for the next nine days you can watch the full length documentary, “REVELATION: Dawn of Global Government.” Click here to watch the movie trailer.

This documentary film features music legend Charlie Daniels, plus Gerald Celente, G. Edward Griffin, Sheriff Mack, Joel Skousen and other guests who unveil the dark truth about the push for global government that actively seeks to enslave humanity.

With historically accurate re-enactment scenes starring “George Washington,” the film reveals a powerful look inside the agenda of global authoritarianism (and why all who love humanity’s freedom must resist globalism).

Register at this link to watch the full documentary right now.

See the Mike Adams interview with the film producers

I recently invited the film producers to my Austin studio for an interview. We discussed the origins of the project, the importance of the issues covered in the film and why America stands at a crossroads of liberty vs. tyranny.

Watch the full interview below, or go to the following link at, the new video site alternative to YouTube:

Don’t miss the full documentary. Register at this link to watch it now.




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