What Democrats PROMISE to do if they are elected this November (must watch)

If Democrats are elected to power this November, they plan to institute a vast array of truly shocking, destructive policies that will directly impact you, no matter where you live.

Some of these policies, promised by Democrat candidates, include:

  • Ending all private business ownership and having the government seize all private companies.
  • Shutting down all prisons and releasing violent murderers, rapists and felons into the streets of America.
  • Granting total legal immunity to illegal aliens through the expansion of “sanctuary cities” and states. (They want a “sanctuary nation.”)
  • Authoritarian censorship over the entire internet, so that no one may speak any opinion which does not agree with the fascist Left.
  • Hiking the federal income tax rate to 50%, where the government confiscates 1 out of every 2 dollars you earn.
  • Ending all border enforcement and allowing an endless wave of illegal aliens, drug runners, child traffickers and criminal gangs to flood into America.

And there’s more! This is just the beginning of what Democrats are promising for America if they are elected to power.

See the full story in this Brighteon.com which would have been instantly banned on YouTube:


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