Here’s another reason why Trump and the GOP need to keep their promise and blow up Obamacare

( The Obamacare nightmare continues to grow, and as the president whose name (and fingerprints) are all over the law prepares to leave office with a fat pension, taxpayer subsidized everything and tens of millions of dollars waiting to be made from speeches, book deals, special corporate appointments, etc., tens of millions of Americans are going to be stuck with lousy “health insurance” that is unusable and unaffordable.

As per the Washington Free Beacon, the news is even worse: Those Obamacare subsidies that you pay for are set to skyrocket (again) as well, to the tune of billions of dollars the government will have to add to the massive debt that Obama also left us:

Taxpayers will spend $9.8 billion more on Obamacare subsidies next year than this year due to double-digit increases in premiums, according to a report from the Center for Health and Economy.

The Obama administration announced in October that Obamacare premiums were set to increase by double digits, increasing at a faster rate than they have in the past.

“For the median consumer, the benchmark second-lowest silver plan premium is increasing by 16 percent this year, before taking into account the effects of financial assistance,” the administration said. According to the center, the silver benchmark plan premiums will increase by 22 percent.

The administration rarely admits that taxpayer subsidies are increasing to cover rising costs, although they often tout those subsidies for protecting Obamacare customers from higher premiums.

Nothing promised about this law by President Obama and the Democrats who passed it has come true. In fact, just the opposite has happened: Higher, not lower premiums; less, not more, access to health care; fewer, not more, options, and so on. The biggest thing, though, has been the tremendous cost increases to consumers. The law says we have to have coverage, or we will be fined by the IRS (and jailed if we don’t pay the fine), so Americans are having to dig even deeper into their pocketbooks (in a lousy economy to boot) in order to pay for something they cannot even use.

President-elect Donald J. Trump and the Republican majority have long promised to get rid of this monstrosity over the course of a few years (which is understandable). But they need to be held accountable for that promise. Americans cannot continue to pay for health care coverage in name only; most cannot afford real coverage so they for sure cannot keep paying high deductibles and high premiums for “care.”


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