If U.S. intelligence wants the trust of President Trump it will have to earn it

(BigGovernment.news) The reliably Left-wing Politico published a story Sunday critical of President-elect Trump (big surprise!) over his dismissal of a claim by some officials in the CIA that Russia interfered in U.S. elections to help him defeat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The piece began thusly:

Donald Trump’s insult-laced dismissal of reports that the CIA believes Russia hacked the 2016 election to help him is rattling a spy community already puzzled over how to gain the ear and trust of the incoming president.

Some fear that Trump’s highly public rebukes of the U.S. intelligence apparatus will undermine morale in the spy agencies, politicize their work, and damage their standing in a world filled with adversaries. After all, if the U.S. president doesn’t believe his own intelligence officials, why should anyone else?

Reporters Nahal Toosi and Darren Samuelsohn spend several hundred more words citing hand-picked ‘sources’ to ‘explain’ why everyone should be so concerned about this doltish, reckless president-elect who will harm our national security and put the country at risk because he refuses to believe what is an obvious bogus narrative.

That Trump refuses to be taken in by this BS is unnerving only to the idiots in the ‘mainstream media’ who have concocting this narrative out of whole cloth, then cite each other as “proof” that the narrative is realPolitico cites the Washington Post, which itself published a fake news story regarding this absurd narrative, which is then quoted by The New York Times and so forth. Call it the journalistic equivalent of a circle jerk.

That the libtards in the press are beside themselves because their chosen candidate, Clinton – who would have been a genuine national security risk as president because her home-brew email server was hacked six ways to Sunday – could not defeat Trump is obvious. Playing fast and loose with the truth is one thing, but using the intelligence apparatus to do so is another. It’s dangerous, it’s wrong, and the idiots in the establishment press are the ones putting the country at risk, not Trump.

For one thing, the Post apparently relied on a small sampling of the Intelligence Community when it made the claim Friday that Russia “was trying to help Trump” defeat Clinton. The IC has 17 agencies that comprise it; relying on a small cadre of analysts in a single agency, even when that agency is the vaunted CIA, does not comprise a complete intelligence analysis. Even the Post admits in its story that “the CIA presentation to senators about Russia’s intentions fell short of a formal U.S. assessment produced by all 17 intelligence agencies,” and, “intelligence agencies do not have specific intelligence showing officials in the Kremlin ‘directing’ the identified individuals to pass the Democratic emails to WikiLeaks….”

Yes, yes…plausible deniability on the part of President Vladimir Putin, and all that. But this phony narrative regarding Russia has never been explained to the American people; no one has ever said why Putin would be helping Trump defeat Clinton, especially since Clinton, hacked email server and all-along with her shady foundation dealings with foreign governments – is the one who is politically compromised enough to be exploited by Putin.

Oh, there is the media’s fabricated ‘association’ between Trump and Putin–“Trump regularly praised the Russian leader on the campaign trail”–but that’s not an explanation because that, too, is just BS. Anyone who has read Trump’s book, “The Art of the Deal,” knows that the man does most of his negotiating in public. That is effective for him. So Trump appearing to praise a powerful foreign leader in public rather than goad or incite him is his modus operandi. Maybe Art of the Deal should be required reading at the CIA.

Trump has dismissed this latest ‘CIA assessment’ as garbage because he knows that it is. The entire narrative of “The Russians did it!” is patently false and wholly political–he knows that and so do the people around him the same lamestream media is attempting to discredit (namely his Cabinet picks). If the Intelligence Community bureaucrats who “run things” (for now) want to be trusted by President Trump, they are going to have to earn it.

Helping the media fabricate an excuse as to why their candidate lost is not the way to do that.


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