Trump hasn’t even taken office yet and he’s already saving and creating jobs

( White House spokesman Josh Earnest sounded like a petulant child a few days ago when a reporter asked him what President Obama thought about President-elect Donald J. Trump‘s agreement with Carrier – one of the last remaining air conditioner manufacturers in America – to keep 1,100 of about 2,000 jobs at its current Indiana plant, rather than move all of the jobs to a new plant in Mexico.

Well, Earnest sniffed, good for the Trumpster (and yeah, okay for those whose jobs were saved. But in order to be the man, “If he is successful in doing that 804 more times, then he will meet the record of manufacturing jobs created in the United States while President Obama was in office.”

Earnest then went on to claim that Obama “saved the American automobile industry,” which was complete BS; Obama essentially used the federal checkbook to buy the auto industry via bailout and then shortchange investors in the process.

But we digress. The fact of the matter is, no matter what Earnest says, Trump has already accomplished something Obama never did and never will – he managed to keep a campaign promise. And he kept it even before he took office.

And what’s more, at the Carrier plant yesterday, Trump vowed to repeat his success…by lowering the corporate tax rate and cutting red tape and over-regulation. Those promises are in part what led Carrier to abandon a plant it had largely completed south of the border and agree to keep most of its jobs here.

Trump has proven, in resounding fashion, that big government doesn’t create jobs – it inhibits job growth. Only Trump and the folks at Carrier know what was said during their meeting, but company executives would not have made the decision to keep most of the plant’s Indiana jobs in the U.S. if they weren’t promised that the federal government would make it worth their while to stay.

And the only way that could happen is if Trump made promises – already backed by leaders in the GOP-controlled Congress – to lower the company’s tax and regulatory burdens.

Earnest (and Obama) can sniff and snoot all they want; they (and every other #nevertrump politician) still have no idea who they’re dealing with. Trump is not one of them; he doesn’t operate off of Washington’s script.

“They say it’s not presidential to call up these massive leaders of business, I say it’s very presidential, and if it’s not presidential that’s okay,” said Trump yesterday at Carrier.

The American people have obviously tired of careerist politicians like Obama and Hillary Clinton. They don’t care what Trump has to do in order to make good on his pledge to “Make America Great Again.” In fact, they love it that he, as president, has no problem rolling up his sleeves, picking up the phone and calling companies to make a deal to keep jobs in our country. He’s doing exactly what we elected him to do.

If you have difficulty imagining Obama or Clinton picking up the phone and calling a major American company in an effort to convince them to stay, that’s because they wouldn’t.


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