Democrats ‘eat crow’ over failing Obamacare – but are they now willing to help repeal it?

( When then-candidate Barack Obama proposed a government take-over of one sixth of the U.S. economy via “health care reform,” scores of economists, government analysts and others familiar with Uncle Sam’s lousy history of “managing” anything predicted that, if the Affordable Care Act passed, it wouldn’t be long before it collapsed as unworkable. These folks were well aware of the irony of a presidential candidate who complained about how badly the VA medical system was being run, while at the same time claiming that “government” could do better managing a larger slice of the health care industry.

Now, however, it has become so apparent that Obamacare is in a death spiral even the most enthusiastic Democratic supporters of the law are having to “eat crow” and admit it’s a failure. Count Democratic Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton, one of the law’s most vocal early supporters, among them.

From the New York Post:

Another day, another Democrat finally owning up to the fact that ObamaCare is a disaster. And another state facing the implosion of its health insurance market.

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton — once one of the Affordable Care Act’s most enthusiastic champions — is the latest Democrat to publicly eat crow for that support.

With good reason: Tens of thousands of Minnesotans are losing their coverage next year. And premiums on individual plans — which enroll 250,000 North Star State residents — will rise an average 50 percent to 67 percent.

“The reality is the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable for increasing numbers of people,” Dayton admitted last week, calling the situation in his state “an emergency.”

This just a week after former President Bill Clinton blasted ObamaCare as “the craziest thing in the world,” adding that “it doesn’t make sense.”

Which is a lesson that Dayton, other governors and, more significantly, millions of Americans are learning all too well.

A Bloomberg News survey heaped on more bad news: 1.4 million Americans in 32 states are set to lose their health insurance coverage next year because private insurers are taking massive losses and are fleeing the market more quickly than they got in it. Guess the law that was supposed to provide universal health care coverage…isn’t. And won’t. Ever.

Now that it’s extremely apparent this law was a disaster from the outset, will more Democrats admit it and, more importantly, work to repeal it?

The danger here isn’t that this law won’t get dismantling, as it is self-dismantling. The real danger is that big government Democrats will next claim the reason why Obamacare failed was because of the private health insurance companies (which never had a legitimate chance of successfully competing in a rigged system from the get-go). The answer? Complete government takeover of the health insurance business. In other words, Medicare for allYou may recall that retiring Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid said in 2013 that Obamacare was just a step towards an eventual single-payer system – government health care on the model of Canada and the UK (both of which are failing).

Don’t you dare believe that is a viable solution because government cannot ever, and will never, out-compete the private sector in terms of timely, safe, efficient and cost-effective delivery of health care. Period.

The problem with the U.S. health care system isn’t the system itself. The problem is too much government meddling in a system that would thrive (and be better for patients) if Congress would a) repeal Obamacare; b) then reign in the out-of-control government health “management” bureaucracy, which is churning out so many expensive, non-sensical rules and regulations that have nothing to do with improving patient health care delivery and everything to do with satisfying the little pinheads who try to justify their jobs every year by creating problems to solve.

Obamacare is government idiocy on steroids. Even Democrats who supported and passed it now have to admit as much. So, are they now willing to join with Republicans to repeal it, then replace it with nothing?


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