Is fracking just a cover for a corporate water grab? Control the water, control the people

Like most other issues in America today, people are mostly split when it comes to the issue of fracking – that is, the process of fracturing rocks underneath the earth’s surface through the use of pressurized liquid. While it’s not entirely a partisan issue, for the most part, those on the right feel that it is an effective strategy for removing gas and oil from deep within the earth, and those on the left feel it is harmful to the environment. Now, those who oppose the practice of fracking may have yet another argument that they can equip themselves with – and it has more to do with individual liberty than anything else.

An article from Waking Times says that fracking is directly connected to the manipulation of our water supplies. After explaining that fracking is dangerous to the environment and a threat to the physical health of those who live near fracking sites, Phillips alleged that those who support the practice could be part of a much more sinister – and secretive – scheme.

“[T]he reason for fracking with its water polluting deadly toxic chemicals going by unchecked is that it puts the people in a situation whereby their local water supplies in wells and taps… is no longer useable so they have no other choice than to go to the stores and buy the corporation’s water supplies,” Phillips writes.

He goes on to explain himself: “Think of the astronomical amounts of money the manipulators of all this could make from the quantities of water needed from folks all over the world in their everyday lives!” Phillips concludes his article by urging readers to “get active here to stop this insanity” and to “spread the word as to what’s going on here, lobby politicians, get people to come together and take action.”

While Phillip’s theory is certainly intriguing and should be considered by others who are engaged in the debate over the practice of fracking, the fact of the matter is that the U.S. water supplies have been manipulated for several years now, not by those who support fracking efforts, but by big government leftists in Washington DC.

By far, Barack Obama was the most radical, power-hungry president that this country has ever seen. He sought to expand the size and scope of the federal government on virtually every level, from granting the government the ability to regulate how much ammunition we buy to nationalizing America’s healthcare system. It only makes sense, then, that he would seek control over the environment and America’s waterways as well.

In 2015, The Daily Caller reported on an attempt by Barack Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency to gain control over ponds, ditches and puddles, even if these bodies of water were on private property. Specifically, the EPA released what was called the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule, which Republicans, farmers and industrial groups referred to as a “power grab” because of the fact that it expanded the EPA’s authority over what waterways they were allowed to regulate. (Related: A bill has officially been introduced in Congress to “terminate the EPA.)

Then-House Speaker John Boehner said at the time that the new EPA rules regarding waterways were a “raw and tyrannical power grab, and Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe accused the Environmental Protection Agency of failing to keep their promises that they made to Congress and the American people.

Whether it’s the manipulation of America’s water supply via fracking, or control over America’s waterways by way of tyrannical regulations being spit out of the EPA, the fact remains that the American people must always remain vigilant. There are people out there who seek to control us, and if we go to sleep and remain silent, then they will inevitably succeed with that goal.

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